East Nashville

What happens when an aging bedroom community meets with flood, tornado, and urban regentrification? Something amazing!

Visit Nashville's most arty, funky, and eclectic neighborhood and experience the unique foods that come from a blend of history, creativity, and modern urban lifestyle. People here love their roots but hold on to very little convention – which makes it an amazing place to explore remodeled homes repurposed buildings, and reimagined foods among locals who are welcoming and excited to share their ideas with you.

Join us for a few hours of traditional and updated foods, murals and art, and a creative vibe you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. East Nashville is a place all its own and we can't wait to share it with you!

This tour includes plenty of amazing food to make a meal, drinks, and a whole lot of interesting history and cultural insight. You can book it as a private tour any day, or join our public tour beginning in April, every Friday afternoon at 2pm. Let's go!

Register for a public tour on our calendar, or request a private tour using our information form.