Destination Packages

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If you want a truly hands-free and personalized Nashville experience, we’re able to arrange your complete stay, or any part of it. From the time you arrive in town, to the time you leave with an armful of great memories, we’ll arrange a multi-day tour and serve as your personal guide and concierge. Let us be your local expert!

Here are examples of a few special trips we’ve arranged:

  • 3-day Barbecue and Bourbon Bender.  Experience the wide variety and amazing flavors of the area’s BBQ over 2, 3, or 4 days. From the time we pick you up at the airport, we arrange authentic meals at amazing BBQ joints every day, include sightseeing, music, and events, and just a little time to rest. Leave your reunion or corporate outing to us.
  • Music, Photo Safari, and Food Weekend Package. As your multi-day guides, we’ll show you the best spots for local music, arrange the tickets, take you comfortably around the city for sightseeing and photos, and arrange meals at the most interesting and tasty spots in town. If you’re up for dancing, nightlife, and shopping, we can arrange that, too!
  • Food, Distillery, Brewery, and Nightlife Reunion Three days of everything you need to enjoy some time with old friends or family. We pick you up at the airport, transport you to your hotel, and take it from there. Dining, drinks, maybe a little burlesque or boot-scooting! Let us share Nashville’s best with you as your personal guide and planner!

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