Music City Brewery Hop

Like Beer? Nashville is your place!

We’ll visit three craft breweries for generous samplings, where we’ll take a look at how beer is made, try more than a dozen varieties, and generally relax and have a great time. We’ll include sample flights of our favorites at each brewery and provide appetizers at one stop. You’ll have time for another pint or some additional food on your own if you’d like, as we will relax and enjoy 45 minutes to an hour at each stop.

There are lots of amazing breweries in town, so we switch it up a bit and visit different ones from tour to tour. We’ll share some information on those we don’t visit, too, so you’ll have even more places to try on your own!

You’ll get a little history of beer, a tour of the production process, and a brief tour of the area, and you’ll taste some outstanding beers at interesting places!

It’s fun and super-social! Come join us!

Available for groups of four or more (and larger groups are no problem!) any day except Sunday or Monday. Request a private tour using our information form.