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Here are some of our favorite places – places that are sometimes included in our tours and some of the most interesting places to eat and drink in Nashville. We’ve produced videos for some of them to give you an “inside look”! To view those, just click on the “Videos” tab. Enjoy!

Colt’s Chocolates

A Nashville original for 30 yearsAll hand-made from original recipes, and sold in the cutest little shop in The Gulch609 Overton Street
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“Food and music were the only things I ever wanted to do,” is the way Mackenzie Colt explains how she went from being a “Hee Haw Honey” to owning her own candy business. “I grew up in a family where no one cooked. Sunday dinner was about the only homecooked meal we ever had, so when I got married at fifteen, I started reading cookbooks like they were novels,” said Mackenzie. “Once I learned to cook it was time to start experimenting and making up my own recipes.” One of those made-up recipes became the now famous Colts Bolts, the best selling product of her candy company.

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