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Here are some of our favorite places – places that are sometimes included in our tours and some of the most interesting places to eat and drink in Nashville. We’ve produced videos for some of them to give you an “inside look”! To view those, just click on the “Videos” tab. Enjoy!

Biscuit Love

Serious Southern Breakfast and Brunch in The Gulch316 11th Avenue South
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Karl and Sarah Worley started Biscuit Love as a food truck and the incredible following they got for their just-a-hint-ahead-of-traditional southern fare was so loyal that they opened their amazing breakfast and brunch restaurant in The Gulch in 2015. They’ve been lauded by Bon Apetit as one of the best new restaurants and their famous “East Nasty” sandwich was named #1 in America.
Try their Princess or East Nasty and don’t forget to add an order of BoNuts (part biscuit, part donut) or their thin-sliced southern ham sampler, “John’s Ham Plate”

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