Prices for our public walking tours are $75-85 per person and public driving tours are generally $89 per person, depending on the tour.

All of our Food Tours include enough food to make a substantial meal, and most tours also include at least one adult beverage together with a knowledgeable local guide who provides lots of fun information about the landmarks, history, and culture of our great city, and also about the amazing food and drink you’ll enjoy. A gratuity for your guide is customary, but not included in public tour pricing. Gratuities for public tours are optional and can be presented to your guide directly at the end of your tour.

Prices for private tours are generally 20% more than public tour pricing, and include the following differences:

– Private walking tours can accommodate up to 14 guests. Groups of fewer than 8 are priced at slightly higher prices per person.

– Private driving tours can accommodate any number of guests from 1 to 100 (and even more if you like). Groups fewer than 8 are priced at a higher price per person. A transportation charge is added for groups larger than 14 to provide motorcoach transportation.

– A basic gratuity is included for group tours, that goes not only to your guide, but is also shared with servers along the tour, drivers, and organizers. Additional gratuities can be prepaid if desired.

– Custom tours are generally the same price, but can cost a little more if you’d like specific items or restaurants included in the tour.

– Downtown hotel pick up and drop off is included for private driving tours. All other tours start and return to designated meeting points. We can often arrange pickup or drop off outside of the central downtown area at a nominal fee.

– Private Tours require a deposit or prepayment to secure the date and time for your group.

Tennessee state sales tax is added to all tours, whether public or private.