The Gulch

Arguably, the birthplace of Nashville’s modern transformation, the Gulch is a phoenix of reborn railroad buildings and gritty industrial history reborn as a glittering modern urban neighborhood. Complete with craft breweries galore, celebrity candy shops, acclaimed Barbecue Pits, rooftop bars, and nationally acclaimed brunch spots with humble beginnings, you’ll find everything you love about Nashville here.

Stroll with us past vegan and vegetarian grocers, celebrity boutiques, and experience decades-old traditional foods coupled with local charcuterie, craft beer, and more. Your 3-hour party in the Gulch will leave you well-fed, well-watered, and full of an appreciation for how Nashille’s locals enjoy a little nightlife during the daytime in this spectacular and sparkly part of town.

You can book a private tour through the Gulch any weekday using our information form. We can’t wait to eat, drink, and gawk with you in the Gulch!