Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to complete our liability waiver. Because of the various risks that are associated with walking, eating, drinking, riding, and being around the public, we require a liability waiver and release for every participant.

Click on this link to sign it in advance (now) so that we won’t hold up the group asking for a signature when you arrive. We’ve never had a problem, but it’s a litigious world out there, and our insurance company and attorneys want it, so, we’re sorry that there are no exceptions and we require it for every participant.

If you’re traveling with a minor, it’s easy to complete on their behalf. If you’re part of a group, it’s easy to pass along by email for every one to sign, and we’ll be notified when everyone does. 

If you choose not to sign it, cancel your order now and we’ll generate a refund for that reason, but only within 24 hours of your initial order. Guests who decline the waiver after that time won’t get a refund, and won’t be able to participate.


Once we receive your completed waiver, we’ll send you a free App that you can download to make sure you don’t miss anything in Nashville. It’s included with our tour and contains listings of all of our favorite restaurants, a live music calendar, maps of our favorite murals, public art, museums, mansions, and lots more. It’s free and we are excited to include it as part of our tour to help with your trip planning! We know you’ll only be with us for a few hours, but we want you to enjoy your entire time in Music City!